History of Technical Consultants

Technical Consultants was born in 1996, from the needs of a group of young and anxious professionals, working in an international environment of continuous contact with managers asking for information as how to make, search for or buy a house, grounds, build factory premises, obtain licences, taxes, legal assessment ... or something as simple as the search for a business partner ... this is how Technical Consultants was born. A small service company for small and medium-sized companies or individuals who wish to invest in Spain.

Technical Consultants at present

Through our wide range of local offices/partners & international contacts, we are active on the GLOBAL MARKETS as a service platform for public and/or private companies and on the DOMESTIC MARKETS of each of these countries giving support to the import of products and/or services.

Our Partners

  • PIASA Engineering & Trading, a Company from the environmental sector with an extensive experience at international level and with multiple plants in Europe, Asia, America and Africa.
  • IBS Imhotep Building Systems, a Company that has led the construction of logistics and industrial parks and buildings. They do possess advanced technologies for the construction of industrial buildings, modular construction of unique buildings, low cost homes, allowing a quick manufacturing process.
    By means of our Consortium with PIASA and IBS were are able to offer “keys in hand” solutions to put in place a complete urbanization, hotels, resorts and industrial buildings.
  • Timber Home Kits, a family business located in South Africa, specialized in the manufacturing of modular kits for homes made of wood and magnaboard of dimensions going from 40m2 until 152m2. Technical Consultants offers in cooperation with this Partner the exclusivity of this product taking care of its logistics and aftersales. For more information we have enabled a link with direct access from our home page where you will find information related to home types, prices, quality, purchasing conditions, etc…
  • OCPM (Oficina Comercial para la Promoción de Mozambique), this Joint Venture allows us to give direct support in Mozambique on the following activities:
    • Assessment, Consulting & Engineering services, support on International Purchasing activities as well as any activity related with the industrial field (design, construction, exploitation), Energy and Services.
    • Training of people in industrial and service activities.
    • We have cooperation agreements with Universities and Technological Centers.
    • We work closely with Private International Institutions (seeking for project finance) and Public Institutions (World Bank, African Bank of Development, COFIDES, B.N.I, export insurance such as CESCE).

Projects with our customers

We are small, flexible, and prepared with good contacts.

Our objective is to give efficiency and quality to our customers world-wide extended, at a reasonable cost. A satisfied customer is our best marketing.

Since 2003, Technical Consultants International, is an international general Broker in Petrol, Gas & Minerals and active in Engineering Project Management related to the design and construction of industrial facilities around the world (Asia, Africa, South and Central America and Middle East).

In cooperation with International Banks, we are successful on our new programs being launched in Africa:

  • Industrial Complex for the delivery of social urbanizations, hotels & resorts in cooperation with PIASA and IBS.
  • Farm School for the production of vegetables & fruit under intelligent greenhouses.